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We ask you, humbly, to chip in.

We'll get straight to the point.

Dialup is an app that depends on users paying. 32,000 people use this app, but 99.8% of our users don't pay(!). They might believe our services are forever free.

If more people who enjoyed Dialup gave just a little, we'd be able to keep the service running for a long time! Contributing just the price of a cup of coffee per month would help.

Dialup is a place for real conversations, not a place for advertising. The heart and soul of Dialup is a community of people from all walks of life sharing stories, swapping advice, and finding surprise connection.

We know that most people will ignore this message. But if Dialup is meaningful to you, please consider making a monthly donation of $3, $5, $15 or whatever you can to help us pay for software costs.

If you're one of the rare people who pay, we sincerely appreciate it!

Danielle Baskin

Where does your contribution go?

Technology: Servers, bandwidth, and storage. We host thousands of hours of voice calls per month. The biggest cost is Google Cloud Product. ~$2k / month.

What is Dialup?

Dialup is a voice-chat app that connects people all over the world in serendipitous one-on-ones. People have been using the app since 2019 weekly doses of magic. The app has worldwide reach and is most popular in the United States, India, the UK, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, and Japan. You can learn more about Dialup from The Guardian, The Telegraph, New York Times, VICE, and NPR.

Donations are processed through Stripe or PayPal. For questions, contact danielle@dialup.com.